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Commodities at No Charge

Patrol Vehicle

Patrol vehicles are included at No Charge for Patrol Service plans.
Our fleet of vehicles consists of Ford Crown Victoria's highly marked with blue, grey and white decals displaying a large "Patrol" on each side of the vehicle. The reason we chose this make and model for our fleet is because we want to display an image of authority. When people see our vehicles in traffic, they slow down or put on their seat belt. The same element is applied to properties we patrol. When people see us, they are aware that a figure of authority is in their presence. Special patrol equipment, such as a functional light bar, spotlights, PA system, prisoner partition and first-aid kit come standard for our entire fleet.

Unique Database Reporting

"Our database technology built and designed solely by and for Security Specialists is envied by other security companies and even most police departments"

Hand-written carbon copy reports are a thing of the past. We are proud to say that we can provide any and all of our reports to you through email. Receive clear, computerized reports with photos on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

*Optional for Security Officer Services, please contact us for more details.

Computerized Resident and Vehicle Registry Database

A Resident and or Vehicle registry are helpful tools in identifying people, resident vehicles and or assigned parking permits on your property.

If you have a registry available for your property, we can scan the registry and have it available in our database as an attachment.

Should you have a registry in an excel file format, we can convert the excel file to our software program and make it available for searching data directly through our database.

Introductory Letter

Residential and business communities can benefit using our standard intro letter to notify residents/occupants of our services and start date.

Phone Stickers and Magnets

We can provide you phone stickers and refrigerator magnets to conveniently have our information in need of assistance.

Gate and Lawn Signs

Our security signs come standard in aluminum 10in. x 10in. size and display Protected by Security Specialists Patrol with our toll free number. Up to 10 signs are included at No Charge. Customized signs are also available for residential communities, please call for details.

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