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Our Services:

Security Officers can be provided to be stationary at a guard house or front desk, and or to patrol your location on foot or a mobile device. Our Unique Database Reporting is also optional with this service.

Providing our clients efficient and cost-effective services...Is Our Goal. It is our firm belief that this goal is achieved through the mutual efforts of the client and Security Specialists to identify program needs, implement responsive services and remain sensitive to changing conditions.

Courteous and professional presence comes standard with our officers. Having "boots on the ground", officers will screen visitors while greatly reducing criminal and suspicious activities on your property.

Our Security Officer Services can be implemented for nearly any types of properties and can be utilized to enforce general laws, your property rules and regulations and for response to disturbance and duress calls.

Do you require a scheduled patrol vehicle to service your property? Our Dedicated Patrol offers the same level of service as our regular Patrol Service, except a patrol vehicle is assigned exclusively to your property.

Some of the many features our Security Officer Services has to offer are listed here. We know and understand that the level of protection is diverse from business to business, home to home. From initiating a one time Special Event, to a 24-Hour detail, we can provide a customized quote with a menu of options that meets exclusively to your needs. Get a Quote today!


Nuisances such as loud music, noise, loitering, drinking in public will be suppressed and reported to you in detail.


Officers will enforce trespass laws by warning and advising trespassers and escorting them off your property. Proper documentation of the person's identification and digital photos will be registered through our database. In case the person returns to your property, they will be subject to arrest.


If you have parking concerns with unauthorized vehicles using your parking spaces and or blocking access to your property, we may cite and tow away unauthorized vehicles from your property at the vehicle owner's expense. Officers will sign for tow authorizations and provide detailed violation reports with digital photos. Security Specialists has also developed a Vehicle Tracking system proven to work against guest parking violators, see Guest Parking Enforcement.

Rules and Hours Enforcement:

Property rules and regulations can be attached to our records database and viewed and enforced by our patrol units in the field. Hours pertaining to curfew for minors, visitors, designated areas such as a pool, recreational facility, fitness room, etc. will be observed and enforced by officers.

Maintenance and Security:

Observed maintenance problems and security issues such as vandalism, graffiti, malfunctioning lights, inoperable doors, gates, locks, water leaks etc. are reported with digital photos.


Daily reports of all incidents come standard with also our Unique Database Reporting that is optional with this service.

We employ a unique database technology for reporting and documenting information on events and incidents, trespass warnings, parking violations and crime related intelligence. It comes standard to provide next day automatic reports delivery to clients through email or fax as a PDF file with our database reporting option.

Process Serving:

Notices to residents or tenants such as 3 day pay or quit, or warnings can be served by our officers anytime by scheduling or called in to our central station.

Community Involvement:

Officers are available to attend community meetings and neighborhood watch meetings to answer questions about our service and security and in support to establish a good rapport with residents and the local police department. In some cases, we may also attend resident hearings or annual homeowner meetings to deter a hostile environment from arising as some residents may become heated during these sessions.

On-Site Security Officer to Patrol Service conversion:

In some cases, clients will find that having an on-site service is excessive and costly and often will relate to utilizing our efficient and cost-effective Patrol Services for their security needs. To find out if your property may benefit more from our Patrol Service rather than an on-site service, please contact us today for a free evaluation.

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